Chiropractic care has allowed me to be able to play longer with my 3 year old son. Before my back and foot would hurt so I had to take many breaks. Also my posture was not where it should have been and now my shoulders stay back instead of being hunched over. Keep in mind I am a 27 year old and many would think I should have had more energy. The care has also dramatically helped me cut down on smoking. I had smoked for about 10 years and since my care started I am down to maybe 3 a day if any at all! Chiropractic care has released a lot of stress on my body that I never knew I had.

Chiropractic care is an option instead of taking medicine. Medicine may just mask the problem instead of allowing the body to ‘heal itself’ which is what Chiropractic does. Chiropractic care does not hurt at all. It actually relieves stress on the body. I felt relief instantly!

I was pleased and impressed by the friendly and out going personalities of the whole crew. They mad me feel as though I knew them for years. Any questions that I had were answered without making me feel dumb.