I first began seeing Dr. Bryan in January of 2007. I was at the end of my rope…Although I wasn’t suicidal, I didn’t care if I died – I didn’t want to deal with it anymore. A year before I began seeing Dr. Bryan I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. I was losing mobility and I could barely get around. I was given steroids to help and as a result I gained 35 pounds. Medical doctors said infusion treatments were the only options before surgery. I was spending $8,000 per treatment and receiving treatments every 6 weeks. In 2006 my insurance company spent $50,000 in medical bills. I had seen just about every doctor imaginable. My gastroenterologist feared my only option would be a colectomy. My wife wanted me to check all other options before surgery and that’s how I came upon Wills Chiropractic.

I began seeing immediate results once I began getting adjusted. Throughout the first couple of months I had ups and downs BUT NOW if I watch what I eat, IT’S LIKE I NEVER HAD IT.

I am currently taking probiotics (probiotics are species of health-promoting bacteria that we require for proper digestion of food and for immune defense against illness promoting bacteria, viruses, and fungi.) AND I AM NO LONGER TAKING 4 DIFFERENT TYPES OF MEDICATIONS INCLUDING STEROIDS.

My life has changed dramatically since meeting Dr. Bryan. I am a lot happier, have more energy, and I have less sick days. In 2006 I missed 1 month of work due to ulcerative colitis, and this year I haven’t missed a day of work! My family life has improved too! I am ashamed to say that before receiving care at Wills Chiropractic I “snapped” a lot on my family. My family life has now improved and Dr. Bryan saved my life!

Forever Thankful,