About three years ago I could hardly walk. When I stood up after sitting, I could hardly bear the pain. I thought I would have to be in a wheelchair soon. The outer side of my left leg had been in hard ridges for many years. It was really painful. I would wake after two or three hours of sleep hurting so bad that I could not sleep the rest of the night. We had a condo in Florida on the beach and I could no longer walk up and down the stairs or walk on the beach.

I have a nephew who is a very successful chiropractor in Memphis, Tennessee and I have gone to chiropractors for almost forty years, but thought they had done as much for me as possible. I have three compressed disks and stenosis of my back. My granddaughter started working for Wills Chiropractic as a Wellness Coach after graduating from college. She kept telling me how good Dr. Bryan and Dr. Stacy were. Finally, my husband talked me into trying them.

After x-rays, Dr. Bryan discovered that my pelvis was tipped. He started adjusting me three times a week in February 2006. By the time we went to Florida in May, I could walk up and down the stairs and walk on the beach. The ridges have smoothed out on my leg and I am sleeping all night with only a little pain. Of course, I still have the compressed disks and stenosis, hence the pain, but it is like a miracle to me to be this pain free again.

I cannot thank Dr. Bryan Wills enough. I am so thankful that our granddaughter started working for Wills Chiropractic.