Sounds like a strange, unusual and unexpected statement for someone who is a client at Wills Chiropractic. Not really…and I’ll explain why.

For the past ten years I have suffered from severe weight gain. I averaged a gain of five to seven pounds every year. Besides carrying excess weight, I retained a lot of water not only in my extremities but also around my mid-drift. I felt like I was retaining the Great Lakes! I also began to suffer from depression, emotional instability, and a loss of self-worth. I had shortness of breath and my energy level declined steadily every year.

I sought help from different medical specialists and their diagnosis revolved around the fluctuation of my hormone levels. I was placed on a regiment of different hormone pills. The specialists said that, if they could find the right medical solution it would take time and that I needed to be patient and understanding. However, after tens years, I was running out of patience, understandning and hope. Until…With the encouragement of my parents, they suggested I visit Wills Chiropractic. So on April 2, 2007 I made an appointment for an assessment and on April 3rd, I met a wonderful person who would change my life forever, her name…Dr. Stacy Wills.

Dr. Stacy reviewed my assessment results with me and explained how my subluxations were interfering with the normal functioning of my nervous system; thus my health and overall wellness was being compromised. It wasn’t until I talked to Dr. Stacy that I was aware that my health issues, those physical and emotional, were due to the misalignment of my spine. What I needed was a regiment of spine adjustments not a regiment of pill adjustments. Needless to say, I couldn’t wait to get adjusted! Dr. Stacy placed me on an adjustment schedule. Within a few weeks the swelling of my ankles, feet, and hands was reduced. My energy level rose and my shortness of breath lessened. As I continued with my adjustments, my family noticed how different I had become. I laughed more and most of all…I began smiling! I never knew I could so well and that others would notice the difference in me too. I thought after a few more adjustments that would be it and my health status would level off…not so. This was only the beginning!

On May 2, 2007, I met another wonderful person who would change my life too. Stephanie Howard Williams, my Wellness Coach. My first meeting with Stephanie was awesome! Her enthusiasm was contagious. We discussed the Creating Wellness System and how this system could assist me in achieving wellness in my physical, bio-chemical, and psychological aspects of my life. The more Stephanie talked the more I became excited about the Wellness System and how this system could change my life today and also for a lifetime, I decided to commit to the system and Stephanie completed a comprehensive Wellness Assessment on me. Dr. Stacy and Stephanie placed me on an individual and customized Wellness System. The system they designed for me included nutritional supplements, weekly adjustments by Dr. Stacy and personal coaching with Stephanie. I also received an exercise/cardiovascular workout program along with the “sounds advice” audio CD’s and journal pages. All of these elements assisted me in improving the three dimensions of my wellness!

Since April I’ve lost eleven pounds, four inches around my waist, two inches on my hips, and lowered my body fat by two percent. I’ve also lost the fluid in my extremities and yes, I am no longer retaining the Great Lakes! Believe me, I couldn’t be happier about what I have lost; however my joy comes from what I have gained. Which brings me back to my title. I have gained more energy, strength, and endurance. I have gained a more positive attitude and outlook on life. I have also gained more self-confidence, and self-esteem.

So as you can see, through the care, compassion, guidance, and support given to me by Dr. Stacy and Stephanie along with the welcoming, warm, caring and professional environment provided by the staff at Wills Chiropractic I have gained more than I have lost and…I couldn’t be happier! Thank you!