I had to do something; I was leading a poor quality of life. I was t-boned by a semi truck and I was having major hip issues – my arthritis was making it difficult to get around. I didn’t want surgery and the pain clinic just gave me pills – that only masked the pain, it didn’t cure it.
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I decided to begin seeing Dr. Bryan in September of 2011. His regimen of care included a combination of chiropractic care and power plate. Together they loosened things up. It’s so much easier to get up out of a chair, walk, and get in and out of a car. It used to be difficult shopping for groceries, I would have to lean on the cart and only get items I needed. Now I can wander in stores and shop longer – I can do more of what I like to do! Before I just wanted to lie in bed all day because it was the only place I didn’t hurt. Now I enjoy getting out and doing NORMAL things, things I couldn’t enjoy before because the pain was so bad. I have a life again – I didn’t feel like I was living one before I found chiropractic…Pain WAS my Life, NOT ANYMORE!

I used to drive by Wills Chiropractic all the time. I’m so glad I decided to start coming. Everyone here is really nice. Don’t be afraid, come on over – chances are you will feel better!