Put aside what you think you know about Chiropractic care. Educate yourself about preventative healthcare and see how chiropractic fits in. One of the most valuable components of my family’s care at Wills Chiropractic is our relationships with the doctors and knowing they have our best interests are heart.

Chiropractic care puts your spine and neck back in line – after my fall from the kitchen into the garage. I had never had an adjustment. I believe this did me a heap of good. I felt better after the first Power Plate treatment – felt different, all over my whole body. Leg feelings are getting better. Legs itch during treatment and Rene said that should happen.
Rene is good for her job. She works good with me. I always look forward to going for my treatment. I am able to walk without my cane for longer distances. Not totally cured, but am getting better.

Staff is top-notch, friendly, and helpful.