It’s safe to say I knew NOTHING about chiropractic care in June of 2007. Under the impression chiropratic was for people with injured backs, I had never felt the need to go. Things completely changed one afternoon when I was lifting my small child into a public pool, my back “gave out” and I dropped her into the water. She was safe, thankfully, but I was immobile with pain. My thoughts immediately flew to surgery, medication, doctor visits, all things that compromised my life as a young mother. Having driven by Wills Chiropractic many times before, I called them immediately to discuss my options. (I still thank Stephanie to this day for her ability to make me feel calm during my desperate call!) I had no idea how much that phone call would change my life and the lives of my family.

After a full, thorough exam and treatments by Drs. Stacy and Bryan, I was able to resume my normal life with relative ease, but my story doesn’t end there. The doctors educated me about chiropractic as we went through the treatments. Once I understood that chiropractic care was allowing ME to do the healing by helping my body function at 100%, I made the decision to stretch chiropractic into all corners of my life. You see, I had just come through this traumatic injury with no medicinal or chemical interferences, no surgeries—chiropractic had simply rid my body of interruptions that would normally stifle my natural healing process. Here’s where the rest of my family comes in.

My husband and daughters began chiropractic care as well. Knowing now that chiropractic is not just for when you are uncomfortable or in pain, but for the body’s own resilience, I wanted my entire family to benefit. Almost 5 years later, my husband and I have not missed a day of work and my children have not suffered one sick day of school. We visit Wills Chiropractic regularly for maintenance care to keep us healthy. I’ve often said, if I had known what I know now when my children were born, we would have begun chiropractic care immediately, no question.

As for my back, the initial reason I stumbled into the door at Wills Chiropractic, all is well. I enjoy running and have begun extending my runs with no interruptions from pain. My treatment plan with regular adjustments and therapeutic massage keep me fully functioning and well. I realize in these times we all need to make sacrifices, but sacrificing my family’s chiropractic care is definitely something we are not willing to do. The cost would simply be too great.