I’m very fortunate to have been blessed with good health. I’ve always been active in my youth as well as adult life. Sports have always been part of my life whether I was teaching, playing or coaching them. I must admit I haven’t taken the best care of my body as far as warming up, letting sore muscles heal, and general rest. Now in my life I still push myself and injuries don’t heal as quickly. So I turned to a chiropractor for help. I was amazed how just one visit helped and with continued care kept me feeling great. I still have injuries but it would take so much longer to heal without seeing Dr. Bryan. And there’s no guarantee it would heal correctly on my own.

I will admit I was skeptical about seeing a chiropractor at first. I didn’t understand how it could all help me without medicine. Dr. Bryan has always taken the time to explain why he’s doing the adjustment and how that will keep my body in good health. I have and will continue to suggest a friend or family member seek out a chiropractor their comfortable with.

What pleases me most would be how much better I feel after my adjustments. But the wonderful, happy atmosphere you experience is always a bonus. I recently had to call and see if they could see me as soon as possible because I did something dumb. They got me right in! Even though I wasn’t 100% better when I walked out it would have taken me two weeks rather than two more days to be back up to par.