Today I watched another disco gram, and spent a deal of time in pain clinic. The poor woman, had lumbar issues. Herniated discs in extreme pain. But then, she got the shot to “numb” the section that the cortisone was going into. She was in extreme pain throughout the whole procedure. The whole time while using the c-arm and watching the procedure and listening to her wince, I was thinking, this could have been me years ago.

But instead I choose to “try” these new doctors in town. So I came in to you. My family doctor also sent me to a specialist. Who had MRI’s done and decided that I probably would need to have an operation. I said, let’s wait. Luckily, Stacy you were “smart” enough to think of traction, and continued to work on me. When I went back to the doctor he then said, I didn’t need surgery, and to keep doing what I was doing, because it was working. (This is an orthopedic surgeon) So while I was in that room today, I wanted to scream……..CHIROPRACTIC……..Go to Wills Chiropractic……like I have been telling people for years. Well at least the past three, lol…….But if I didn’t receive that flyer. And if you weren’t very good (remember at the time I was firing doctors left and right). If I didn’t take the chance, I would have been right where that lady, who happened to be my age, was, and still eventually going through with the operation.

She said after she was done, she didn’t think she would put herself through that again. It’ll be interesting to see what happens.

Anyway, I wanted to thank both of you. You are not only good people, but good doctors. And you saved me, from one operation, that would have probably made my life worse. So thanks.